Friday, January 29, 2010

EDM Challenge #234 - Something that belongs to someone else

Aren't kids' toys the best? These little buggers are my friend's son's ... and of course Aunty Jo had fun playing with them too! The little giraffe is a finger puppet and the frog ... apparently, is a chew toy (he's teething). I added a little bit of watercolor to the pen sketch in my moleskine; it accepts color, if applied carefully.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

EDM Challenge #250 - Something I got for free

A few tomato seedlings came up in my worm bin after I had thrown some tomatoes out. I transplanted the little seedlings and months later, I have huge plants dripping with plump, luscious tomatoes, fertilized with my vermicompost, of course. One of the plants produced yellow tomatoes! I love when I get free stuff like this! (Transparent watercolor on Arches, cold press, 140lb.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

EDM #253 - Draw your socks

Felt like a quick sketch tonight, nothing planned, nothing serious. Just an ordinary pair of socks on the floor ...

If you feel the urge to draw but have a creative block, Everyday Matters group is a great way to overcome your hurdle. Everyone meets at the Everyday Matters Yahoo group and California artist Karen Winters provides the EDM list on her blog site. A new subject is posted each week. Start at number 1 or start at 256 or anywhere between, at your own pace, in your own medium. Pretty much anything goes. When you're done, you may post your work on the Flicker EDM group site after you've joined. It's easy and fun! All levels welcome! Come draw with us! :D (PS: I'd like to acknowledge Danny Gregory who started the group)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daisy girl

Chickens are funny-lookin' creatures, aren't they? Daisy is a "blue" (but really black) Japanese silkie chicken ... all fluff and tons of personality. She is sitting very quietly on a little non-fertile egg day after day and I'd hate to tell her that it is to no avail. She looks serious, doesn't she? She'd be a good momma, that one.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Transparent watercolor on cold press Arches, 140lb, 26x36cm (Sincerest apologies for the blurry photo). :)

I've been obsessed by rocks lately, huh? The layers of red cinder between layers of gray pahoehoe rock was obvious in the sea cliffs of Kamoamoa, down by the ocean in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Pretty fascinating for a naturalist-type. Plus, the sound of waves crashing on the rocks is still in my ears and salty sea breezes still in my nose. It's a lovely spot.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pahoehoe rock sketch

Spent the day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and found beautiful forms of pahoehoe rock doing their "dance" at the coast. Thought I'd share this quick sketch I did of the rocks and some pretty beach naupaka plants (Scaevola sericea) (from my reference pics).

More drawings to come, I promise! :)