Monday, August 1, 2016


`Ohelo, 6"x6", oil (SOLD)

Dash, 5"x5", oil (NOT FOR SALE)

Kilauea Caldera, 6"x6", oil ($80 USD)

`Ohi`a, 6"x6", oil (SOLD)

Dax, 12"x12", oil (NOT FOR SALE)

Oils are a BLAST! Where have you been all my life?! Graphite and watercolor have been my media of choice for most of my adult life and only recently found a new medium I'm enjoying. Oil painting is a totally new endeavor with odorless paint thinner and new fangled media. Granted, I do miss the smell of stand oil and turpentine (Ah, takes me back to college days when I'd sneak back into the art classrooms to paint through the night ... rather than doing what I SHOULD have been doing in the Botany Dept!). 

These are some recent oil paintings I've been dappling with. The one of Dax is my first and the `ohelo at the top is the one I finished last night. :) Discovering a new medium is like learning a new dance. It feels awkward at first and you're just fumbling about; by the second time, you see the prospects; by the third, you're trying new flourishes, by the fourth, you're moving about with more confidence; and by the fifth, well, you just want to DANCE!