Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hawaiian mint (Stenogyne macrantha)

Stenogyne macrantha, 5"x7", watercolor on paper ($100 USD, matted & framed)

Hawaiian mints are pretty special. Unlike many mints, they've lost their scent, having evolved in the absence of predators here in Hawaii. Now, mints are getting more and more rare, because of rooting and browsing by feral animals coupled with their short life span. We found this one in S. Kona. The touches of pink on its flowers really drew me in (pun intended). 

Maybe outlining watercolors may be a bit like cheating, at least that is what I've always thought. But, now, I don't think so. It's a look that reminds me of my favorite artist, Garth Williams. His artwork in Charlotte's Web or Stuart Little has brought generations of kids so much joy and I don't think he followed the rules of art. I'm realizing art is not a set of rules but an expression of what's inside. My recent paintings are a nod to Mr. Williams (THANK YOU!) and the little chuckle inside when I get to paint inside the lines. :D

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pūkiawe (Leptecophylla tameiameiae)

Pūkiawe (Leptecophylla tameiameiae), 5"x7", watercolor on paper (SOLD)

Dew drops on pūkiawe glisten in the sun as I walk along the crater rim trail in the Park. The air smells of a mixture of warm cinder and sweetness of molasses grass that grow alongside. Nevertheless, the air is crisp on the verge of too chilly for a walk. Still, the pretty sight is worth it.

This is my painting weekend and I've been planning it for weeks! Made a big pot of stew, a mug of hot coffee, and plugged in the music. Found myself humming and smiling while painting, taking special care to not dip my brushes in my coffee. :)

`Oha wai (Clermontia parviflora)

`Oha wai (Clermontia parviflora), 5"x7", watercolor on paper ($100 USD, matted & framed)