Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Everyday Matters Challenge #112 - Something Fresh

I went to the grocery store last week and for some reason, the store sold out its eggs! I mean, how does a grocery store run out of eggs? So, this week, I visited again and found a carton of these beautiful local, fresh eggs. I knew I just had to draw them. I tried out a new charcoal pencil (Prismacolor, soft) and combined it with some graphite and used some blending techniques described by J.D. Hillberry in his book, "Drawing realistic textures in pencil." If you love graphite like I do, you must check out J.D. Hillberry's web site!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Like a rain forest that is comprised of multiple vegetative layers, each comprising its own microcosm, so does my purse. (And yes, I'm a biologist so bear with me :) ). I've removed the "canopy layer" of papers and wallet to reveal my "subcanopy" of a mix of half-used gift cards, prescriptions, keys, cell phone, nail file, and compact. Oh, in case you're wondering, the groundcover ... the stuff at the very bottom that never sees the light of day ... is comprised of loose coins, a couple paperclips, and bits of paper. Fortunately, nothing too exciting. A woman's purse is very revealing, don't you think?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The clutter

Since I had a 20-minute wait in the lobby of my hotel before the shuttle ride back to the airport yesterday, I started to draw my everyday thing ... my purse. As you can see, it is not quite as empty as my previous drawing (here). I finished it up at home while watching Blade Trinity (that Wesley Snipes ... wow!).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nene ("Neh-neh") Goose

Ok, I've got it all worked out. I downloaded a DVD decoder so I can finally watch DVDs on my computer again. So, that now means I can do four things at once while at my desk. I can draw from my reference photos on my computer, watch my movie (Panic Room is great, btw ... LOVE Jodie Foster), eat my dinner, and email friends! Now, how's THAT for efficiency!?!

This is a nene goose (pronounced "neh-neh") that belongs to a flock that hangs out at Wailoa State Park. They're endangered but thankfully, well on their way back to stable numbers. They love native ohelo berries (drawn here).

Friday, January 11, 2008

Illustration Friday - Stitch

These are my jammie shorts that I thought would be perfect for this week's Illustration Friday theme because it has stitches that make the seams pucker ... like a searsucker pucker!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

EDM Challenge #136 - Draw a living thing

Mamo means yellow in Hawaiian and is also the name of an extinct black forest bird. Mamo is also my cat that has yellow eyes.

What started out as a doodle, ended up being quite an involved drawing. I guess such is the nature of things when drawing fur as Juj ("Hey Juj"; formerly "Everything is Contextual") can probably attest. She is the mistress of fur in my book. Check out this post.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cymbidiums - completed

I used my HB, 2B, and 5B graphite pencils for this drawing of some Cymbidium orchids I received from my close friend Charlotte. I used Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper that takes graphite better than any other paper I've used (except my moleskine sketchbook, of course). This drawing is about 8"X10".

Cymbidium - part deux

I've been asked to share my approach to drawing and I have to admit, I probably go against alot of rules. These drawings are for my drawing pleasure only and so, my approach is very casual. In this case, I drew directly on the paper. If this was a more serious piece, I probably would have spent more time with the composition, drawn a draft, and burnished the outline. But, I had a pretty good idea of the composition, didn't erase, and used a light touch so as not to create grooves in the paper, which can ruin any pencil drawing.

Cymbidium - an early start

It feels so good to sit down and work on a slightly more involved drawing. I love pencil and I get a craving to get lost in one pretty often but never seem to find the time. All of my doodles and quickies have satiated that craving in the past but not this weekend! This is my progress thus far. It is a drawing of some orchids my friend Charlotte gave me yesterday. They brighten my house and I smile every time I walk past them! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

More airport doodles

Two women that were waiting for their flight with me ...