Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cymbidium - part deux

I've been asked to share my approach to drawing and I have to admit, I probably go against alot of rules. These drawings are for my drawing pleasure only and so, my approach is very casual. In this case, I drew directly on the paper. If this was a more serious piece, I probably would have spent more time with the composition, drawn a draft, and burnished the outline. But, I had a pretty good idea of the composition, didn't erase, and used a light touch so as not to create grooves in the paper, which can ruin any pencil drawing.


Kate said...

Ah, well, that's pretty much how I work. I don't think there are any rules, really, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. This drawing is really pretty awesome!

Joan Y said...

Thanks Kate ... you are so right! So, you draw directly on your paper? I tend to draw a lot of detail first and then judiciously set them back or forward using shade or highlights towards the end. But then I think you're right ... anything goes as long as it works and you're having fun! :)

wagonized said...

The composition rules.

Kym :) said...

Fanastic works Joan.
The before and after of the orchid is truly beautiful.
I took photo's of some flowers, very similar at my Dad's place. May email them onto you.
Keep up the great work:)

drb said...

yeah, I've done the groove thing -- it can wreck a drawing.

Joan Y said...

Thanks France, I had to reposition some flowers to get the right composition but I'm happy about it overall.

Kym, thanks! I'm looking forward to receiving the pic!

D, yeah, that groove thing ... lol. For serious botanical stuff, I really can't draw on illustration board directly. The grooves are just too obvious and leaves my drawings uneven ... with too many dark lines ... but then, you know.