Sunday, June 7, 2015


Pigma micron 005 pen on Clearprint vellum, 5"x7"

This furball has my heart. He sheds like a husky. He is missing a lot of teeth. He loves to sleep on my head. And, I love him to bits! 

This is my pen drawing of Mr. Marmalade on vellum in my new Clearprint vellum notebook (6"x8"). It's a great surface to draw on and am loving it too!


Mary Roe said...

nice work. i love cat called pinky. Don't think that she is pinkish color but i love to call her like that. If i sit somewhere she will come by running and sit in my lap and she want me to do some massage on her body, she love that and even i love to do so

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vickyjackson said...

Hi , nice i loved this art,it seems to be original , i loved pets especially cat..

thanks for this creation .
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