Friday, September 23, 2016

 Napping Buddha, oil on canvas, 6"x12" (NOT FOR SALE)

Green apple, oil on canvas, 5"x5" (SOLD)

Fish escape, oil on canvas, 6"x6" ($100 USD)

... still happily painting along and testing my ability to render things accurately. I think my next exercise will be do paint more painterly and impressionistically. It's a struggle with me ... I'm as tight as they come. Hah! 

I've been using images from "Paint my Photo." It's a source of copyright-free photos, posted by the photographers themselves. The only request is that if you paint from the photos, you post them in a gallery on the site and acknowledge the photographer in the post. Otherwise, you're free to use the photos in any way! 

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surfrider2000 said...

Very nice. Love them all!