Sunday, July 9, 2017

Coffee and biscuit

Watercolor on 140 lb Arches - cold press, 5"x7"

Irini made biscuits and they were divine!  

I admittedly left my watercolor and oil paints in Greece because I decided to bring back some rocks instead. Yeah, nerd. Well, it was a weight thing too. I decided to catch a plane rather than the ferry so my options were limited. Still, yeah, I know ... crazy ... but I know I'll be back so it's not like it's a forever sort of thing. Still, it does leave me with only a few of my favorite oil colors here so I figured I'd paint in watercolors instead until I resolve my predicament. 

Switching back and forth between watercolor and oil is good exercise for my brain. Had to think "light to dark" rather than "dark to light" with oil paints and one can't force watercolors like you can oils. I keep forgetting that with watercolors, you have to start with a good drawing foundation. There is no fudging like you can with oils so this painting is a bit wonky but I like it tho'. Maybe because it reminds me of my new friends in Greece. I still miss them.

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