Sunday, January 6, 2019

Cymbidium --- in process

Hmmm, I think it's time to get an easel. This 11"x14" painting is propped up against my computer, where I'm painting Cymbidium flowers that were growing in my garden. My favorite are these green orchids and my friends know it because that's what I get for Birthdays and Christmases! Someday, my garden will be filled with these!

After painting mostly 5"x7", this canvas is HUGE! This is the largest canvas I have ever painted on and is my attempt to prepare myself for the 18"x24" commission I am going to work on soon. As you can tell from my #3 sable brush that I'm holding here, I haven't grown to larger brushes yet. It's amazing what you can do with such a tiny brush! I will no doubt start using my larger brushes for future paintings. It is a process after all.

I was able to pull out my favorite colors ... Alizarin crimson, Quinacridone red, Cadmium yellow pale, Sap green, Phthalo green (a new color to hit my palette ... which I now love), French ultramarine, Cobalt blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt umber, Payne's Gray (and yes, a little of that Mars black), and Titanium white. I can't believe the spectrum of colors I can make with this palette and while this painting is mostly green, I look forward to placing vibrant newly created colors throughout the painting. Wish me luck!

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