Sunday, December 9, 2007

Work shoes (Everyday Matters Challenge #103: Exercise equipment)

Another quick sketch of my other pair of boots. If I were to draw a pair of work boots daily, I would have enough sketches for a week and a half!

I'm not much of a gym person but I am a hiker and admittedly, this is my favorite form of exercise.


Kate said...

Really? That many work boots?

I like how you chose pink for the shadow against the green boots. Interesting choice.

juj said...

Funny how they look so dainty - "cute" work boots.. who knew?! Love them!

Joan Y said...

Kate ... Yes, I do. Because I work on different islands, I actually have shoes that I use solely for that island, so as not to spread invasive weed seeds. And, because we work in different substrates (bog vs. lava rock), I need different types of boots. :) I wish I could brag about my dress shoes collection instead (but I can't) haha!

Juj ... I think it's because I have small feet! I admittedly don't have pink hiking shoes although I wish I did.

Serena said...

Great drawing and I think it's also great that such care is put into keeping the different habitats safe. :)

drb said...


Joan Y said...

Thanks Serena ... Yes, we even freeze our gear when we camp in very pristine areas!

D ... Hehe, why yes, they are Vasque! I would not be surprised if you have a similar pair. Seems we both have the same taste in field gear. :)

drb said...

I knew it! How peculiar.

Kym :) said...


WOW, work boots how about that.
You have done a great job, Joan.

We have just had our Opening for ArtShoes and it was a great night of Combined Artists.
I have left our Art Blog to check out and one of our artists also.

Keep up the great work:)

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