Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thanks for the You Make My Day Award!

Thanks Jennifer (JC's Coffeehouse) for honoring me with the You Make My Day Award! This quick sketch is dedicated to you, a new friend and fellow blogger who believes, as I do, that the movie Outbreak is a wonderfully touching love story. It's a must-see this Valentines Day! : )

There are a few creative and wonderful bloggers that make my day each and every day and I'd like to pass this award to them! And they can pass the award along to others if they'd like:
Kate (Kathleen Rietz - Artist) who inspires me and makes me smile every day.
Ryan (Bone and Shadow) whose skull mysteries keep me entertained for hours (really!). Plus, he's a cool guy.
Juj (Hey Juj) whose quirky illustrations make my brain do double takes and always crack me up. "Whaaaaa?"
Karen (Karen Blados, Artist and Designer) whose daily musings, stories about her family, and colorful sketches brighten my day.
Susan (Susan's Scribbles) who challenges herself creatively every day. I wanna be like her.

Ok, I must present one last award! Am I breaking award-giving rules? Oh heck, I think she's a rule-breaker herself! LOL But I think France (Wagonized) deserves a special YMMD Award just cuz she's so freakin good!


JC said...

Joan, you are AWESOME!!! =D
What a wonderful illo... I think your drawing will certainly get people interested in seeing it (perhaps again) as the LOVE STORY of our generation. ;o)

Kate said...

Thanks so much Jona, you make my day, too!

Kate said...

Crap! Sorry about the typo in your name. :(

r.e.wolf said...

Well, it goes without saying, you ROCK! Thank you!

juj said...

Wow Joan! Thanks! and I'm honored to be in such great company - especially yours. You make MY day!

Susan's Scribbles said...

Joan, thank you so much for the encouragement! To think I make your day, well, that is an honor.

steve said...

Way to go Joan! Always good getting caught up with your work here. Love the monster piece at Drawn Monsters too!!

Robyn said...

Susan made my day too, in more ways than one. Her award to you brought me back to your blog after way too long. So many beautiful drawings I'd missed. It won't happen again ;)

Serena said...

Well deserved, Joan! :)