Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 17 of 21: iPhone envy

I have iPhone envy. Don't get me wrong, I love my wonderfully pink Blackberry. I mean, shouldn't all phones be pink? But come on! How can I possibly not love hybrid maps, that beautifully large screen that is yearning for my touch (it is a touch screen after all), easy access to my email, and pinch zooming! I LOVE pinch zooming! I feel like I am having an affair ... with an iPhone that I do not have. Ugh, talk about unrequited love! Here is a 15-min quickie of my presently underloved Blackberry. I think that is a tear in the corner ... : (


Kate said...

Well, I think they are both cool bits of technology! But....I do love anything Apple.

Robyn said...

Having a weakness for gadgets myself, Joan, I completely understand your need.

I must say, I've never seen a pretty pink Blackberry before.

Sherry said...

I talked my DH into replacing the old System 9 MAc with a lovely new iMac, and it came today. Mine is three years old and I love it to death, but his is even sleeker and faster. I can identify with you wanting the newest toys. Those iPhones are pretty nifty (I don't have one).

wagonized said...

I feel for you!!! And you know why :-)
Just got Tom an iPhone (3G -- better than mine!) for his birthday. When you come to NJ, we'll let you touch/pinch it!!
But heck, the pink Blackberry looks pretty cute.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love your recent pencil drawings and thats why Ive presented you with a BRILLANT WEBLOG AWARD. See my today's post for details. Dont understand Ipods/Blackberries (arent they a fruit??!!) etc just have a plain old grey (with large keys) mobile phone for emergencies!!

Joan Y said...

Kate ... Well, I am becoming a convert.

Robyn ... I'm glad to hear that other folks are gadgety too. I never considered myself one before but omg, I AM! The BB itself is black but got a pretty cover for it!

Sherry ... Oh, a mac would be my next big purchase! :) lol

Francie ... I wanted to link your iphone drawing but I couldn't find it! I've had iPhone envy ever since! Tom better watch out or his 3G will find its way into my grubby hands! :)

Joan ... YAY!!! Thanks for the award! I'm really honored! Thank you so much! I laughed about your comment about your phone because my work phone is as you described. lol.