Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spilling the beans ... I've been tagged!

Mellanie (See it. Draw it. Share it.) was so sweet to tag me recently, and Sharon and Robyn tagged me in October (and admittedly I haven't finished until now. :) So, without further delay, here are five little known facts about me:

1. My favorite fruit is watermelon and I could eat a whole one in a single sitting if left to my own devices.
2. I was born on Easter Sunday. Considering the last time it fell on my birthday was 1995 ... and won't until 2014, I think that's pretty cool.
3. As a child, I had a worm dress. It was a dress that had a zillion pockets that I'd fill with worms dug up from the garden. At the end of the day, I'd dig a hole and put the worms back.
4. I have been known to hug a tree every now and then.
And lastly ...
5. France Belleville (Wagonized) and I are birthday twins! We were both born on April 14! (different years of course). Considering I've been a fan of hers since Day 1, I feel pretty special!

And thank you Mellanie for this beautiful Kind Heart Award! It is by far one of the prettiest awards I've ever been conferred. :) I'll be sure to pass it along!


wagonized said...

Awwww the worm dress!!!!! Hahahaha! I can picture the little Joan digging up the worms and putting them back at the end of the day!
Hey, i like that Volvo you drew. Cool licence plate too.
Thank you for the mention, my birthday twin!

r.e.wolf said...

Watermelon is the BEST fruit!
And three cheers for April babies - mine's the 22nd!

Joan Y said...

Yay to April babies!

France ... I find it amazing that you could figure out the car is a Volvo. I try to leave the car-drawing to you. Figured I'd draw one more in your honor. :)

Ryan ... Both April babies AND watermelon fans! What next? LOL

steve said...

What a great self portrait of sorts!! And yes, watermelon rules!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Well, I'm feeling a little left out - as my birthday's in June. Still, how cool you two sharing a birthday. Only fabulous people must be born on that day! Love the little shout out to France in the drawing. And yes, definately the prettiest award.

mrana said...

I love watermelons too, could eat tons if my body could take it! And the worm dress is my fave, I wish I'd had one too ... great drawing!

suzanne said...

As soon as I saw your drawing I knew one of your facts was going to have something to do with France. It's amazing how she is synonymous with Volvos!

Love reading all your strange facts. I'm especially intrigued/slightly disturbed by your worm dress! Heehee!

Neil Toulch said...

Hi J~,
In your letter to me you mentioned that you are trying to get rich colours, (I'm no maven, but...,)

I think you have attempted to use an incongruous palette with too many colour themes. Run to your bookstore and get "Exploring Color" by Nita Leland,
I don't begin a painting without establishing the palette beforehand that she teaches under colour theory.

On the other hand your idea is joyful and unique and I love it.


Joan Y said...

Steve ... Yes, a self-portrait! LOL
Andrea ... You are Miss Fab herself! :)
Mariana ... Thanks! I imagine we both would have been in the garden digging up worms together.
Suzanne ... Hehe. What can I say, I was a budding biologist from the beginning!
Neil ... Thanks for the tip! One of the fun parts of experimentation is throwing colors together to see what works and what doesn't. In this case, Nita Leland's book woulda helped *wink*!

Kate said...

Fun facts Joan!! I love watermelon, too!

Adriana Whitney said...

Great facts and great drawings!

Sharon said...

Well, Joan, this was worth the wait! Very creative. (And I agree, watermelon is the BEST of summer fruits.)

Genxster said...

Great facts Joan. That worm dress story really cracked me up. I'm glad you like the award. I thought it was a nice fit for you.

Serena said...

OH, I LOVE your sketch!

Guess what? Easter Sunday actually falls on MY birthday this year....I'm stoked! I can't remember the last time that happened.

Yep, watermelon RULES!

The 'worm' dress is so cute...or then again, maybe not. ;) lol