Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cute cats ... and crazy allergies

I didn't post yesterday cuz I've been busy decontaminating my home of pet dander, dust, and troublesome mildew! As I write this, my cat has made her way to my now-ultraclean and bleached pillow and is making herself comfortable on it. What's a girl to do?


catnapping said...

i'm lucky; i have no allergies to pet dander...but my poor daughter is so bad she get's asthmatic attacks from it.

that doesn't stop her from taking in every stray that comes along. lol

cats are my favorite people.

this is a great blog. you have some really good stuff here. i hope you stay around.

mrana said...

As a slave--of three dogs and two cats--who hates vacuuming ... vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Sigh. What a lovely illustration of a cute subject!

Joan Yoshioka said...

Hey Cat and M! I can totally relate. Hey, anyone wanna trade? I'll vacuum if you do my dishes!