Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged!

Aloha everyone! And thanks Anita. I'm assuming the entire Everyday Matters group has been tagged so I'll share 7 pieces of info about myself here. If you're a visitor and haven't been tagged yet, feel free to join in and share info about yourself to the group.

1. I bought a box of spiderman bandaids ... for myself.
2. Meeting YoYo Ma was one of the greatest highlights of my life.
3. I've lived in Hawaii all my life.
4. I don't surf and I don't dance the hula ... so stop asking me! *grin*
5. I named my first car, The Bullet. It was a 1987 silver Toyota Corolla 4-door sedan.
6. I'm a Godmother, x 3!
7. I think Star Wars is the greatest movie of all time and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. :)


Anita said...

LOL @ the spiderman plasters!!!
You do realise I now have to source some out for my Son too!

Joan Yoshioka said...

LOL. I accidentally stubbed my foot on a piece of metal a few days ago and so, have been walking around town with spiderman band aids plastered to my feet!