Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Color me pink!

Teri Casper of Teri's Painted Daisies, THE creative blogger herself, honored me with the Creative Blogger Award today! I am tickled and so thankful to be nominated. Thanks Teri!

I now pass the award to five creative bloggers who "bring unique and creative elements to their blogs", in no order:

  • Tracy at Small Smackerels who makes the most creative postcards I have ever seen. And if you're extra good, maybe her Birthday Queen will visit you on your birthday!
  • Brian at Brian's Art Blog paints sensitive watercolors that keep me going back for more! He elevates everyday items like water sprinklers to works of art!
  • DRB at Daily Art (mas o menos) because his blog is the definition of creative!
  • Kate at Kathleen Rietz - Artist because she is such an eclectic artist ... she does mosaics, graphics, designs, makes jewelry, draws, paints, and photographs! Can't get more creative than that!
  • Bev at Little Friday Stories who combines poetry with beautiful paintings and drawings and blogs tidbits of interesting facts with links that feed my creative side.
Now, these honorees may now proudly post your awards and give the award to five other creative bloggers. For more info on Christie and the Creative Blogger Award, including other awards, check it out here.


Teri C said...

A well-deserved award Joan!! Now I want to go look at your nominees, they sound interesting!

Kathleen Rietz said...

Thanks Joan! I am honored, and it was nice to read what you like about my "creativity"!

Tracy said...

First off - you are a most creative and talented woman - and certainly deserving of a such a lovely award. I look to your blog for inspiration and I am never diappointed!
i am most honored :-) (don't know if i deserve it but i'll take it LOL!) Thank you miss Joan - you made me smile bigtime and it was just what I needed. Been among the missing lately and am so glad i looked here when I had a few minutes - not only did i see your usual gorgeous and inspiring drawings i got an award too ROTFLOL!

Joan Y said...

Thanks for the award Teri! Kate and Tracy ... both very deserving of the award! You inspire me and many others as well.

bookyeti said...

Thank you so much Joan! :) I'm sorry I'm a bit late checking in. I've been a bit tardy checking my blog comments lately. It means so much to me - you're such a talented artistic person, and I always enjoy my visits to your site! Thanks again! xo