Monday, October 1, 2007

Colorful explosion

I bought a bouquet of flowers from Volcano this weekend ... a massive bunch of assorted dahlias. These are a few. Whenever I look at these, I can't help but smile. Ever notice that flowers have a way of making a blue-y kinda of day a very bright one? I believe they're God's aspirin!


wagonized said...

God's aspirin! I hear ya.
Beautiful drawing. Did you just draw it in pen? I am intimidated by the thought of drawing a flower... not my forte i believe :-)

r.e.wolf said...

Now THAT's colour!

Flowers are amazingly powerful things! Two weeks ago, I sent my wife flowers at her job, for no reason, "just because." Suddenly, from 3 towns away, I had managed to make a whole office full of women I had never met, jealous of her! :o

drb said...

Even a picture of flowers has a way of making a blue-y kinda of day better, much better than moody dark pictures of the moon.

BTW, good job with Mokuleia landscape on Thursday, too.

Tracy said...

God's aspirin - i'm filing that one away - perfect!
the color is what grabbed me when your page came up - just gorgeous. i love the drawing but the addition of color is wonderful. it would've been a lovely drawing in pen alone- but now it's alive.
i hope you didn't need the aspirin :-)
i definitely got a lift just lookin at this - hope you did by creating it!

Kate said...

Oh, Joan! That is so weird...when you asked me last night what my favorite flowers are, I was going to tell you that my mom grew assorted Dahlias in her garden. There were always such beautiful end-of-summer bouquets to be picked in her yard. I have a photo of myself picking a bouquet from her garden in early October, just 2 weeks after she passed away in '97. I knew that would be the last bouquet I'd ever pick from her garden. Your paintng made me feel happy again. Dahlias are such hardy, homey, vibrant flowers. I am glad you bought some for yourself. And even more glad you decided to paint them and share your bouquet with all of us.

juj said...

God's aspirin! That's a great expression. I'm going to remember that for sure.

Your flowers are beautiful - an explosion of color for sure. Like summer fireworks in the middle of fall. Very nice.

Frankye said...

Joan, you are way past "delving" into ink and watercolor! The dahlias are so alive! I wanted to touch the petals because I was sure that they would feel as firm and velvety as your painting. Wow, again!

Joan Y said...

Hey France - Yup, I've been doing everything freehand. One thing nice about flowers is they're forgiving. You can add a petal for balance if you mess up ... can't an extra eye with portraits.

Ryan ... thanks bud. Your wife is one lucky woman indeed! :)

D ... Moons are good too! They remind us that we are halfway to another day. Ugh, too pukie and sappy?

Tracy ... Yup, flowers perked me up in a way that I didn't need aspirin!

Kate ... I'm glad we share wonderful memories of dahlias and our moms.

Juj ... summer fireworks ... I like! :)

Frankye ... Wow, thanks for the encouragement! Means a lot! :)

drb said...

Anyone using the words pukie and sappy together in the same phrase could not actually be too sappy.

mrana said...

Gorgeous! Whenever I feel like spoiling myself the first thing I head for is flowers. These are so vibrant and full of life.