Sunday, October 7, 2007

Orange dream

Somebody please tell me what kind of car this is! I was at the grocery store, parked my car, and looked up across the parking lot to see this gorgeous orange car parked in front of me. Time stood still, I swear! The skies even parted and a ray of light beamed down onto the car from where I knew not. I coulda sworn I heard a chorus of angels as well. I don't have a camera so I grabbed my nearest sketchbook and furiously sketched it using the only pen I had, my sharpie, before the owner came and unceremoniously drove it away. *Sigh* another lost love.

Note: The Volvo 240/240DL is my first lost love ... France of Wagonized drew it best (here and here)

Thanks to blogging friends Brian, France, Andrea, Tracy, Juj, and my little brother Bruce, we have an identification: A 1962 Ford Thunderbird! A beauty!


wagonized said...

Can't believe you drew it right on the spot, boom, like that! Beautiful! But i don't know what kind this is. Probably a '66 though... :-)

Joan Y said...

Thanks France ... coming from you especially, means a whole lot. It's really wonky as you can tell but it was fun to draw. Still, I will leave the car drawing to you! :) Thanks for the lead!

Teri C said...

My goodness, what a fun experience and great sketch timing!! I don't know what it is either, but I'm sure someone will come along to tell us.

Tracy said...

kinda reminds me of a Ford Falcon
--- so as my kids would say - i wiki'd it - to see if my memory was right... it might be
check this out joan

wagonized said...

Thanks for the mention, my friend!
I'm sticking with the T-Bird hypothesis :-)

juj said...

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it's a 62 Ford Thunderbird (I have a thing for them myself...)

I can see why you fell in love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo. Nearly no doubt that it's a '62 T-bird. Key features...the 3 rectangles towards the end of the side mouldings. The '60 had similar rectangles, but it had multiple tail lights. Also the way the fins look with the chrome toppers, and the tail. I'm thinkin' JUJ is correct. Love ya...your bro.

Kate said...

Oh, be still my heart! : )

Actually, I love cars like this, too! Anything from the 60's and 70' stuff.

Great drawing, Joan. I am impressed you whipped out that sketchbook and started sketching away right there on the spot. You are awesome!!


Joan Y said...

Teri - I love serendipitous events like that!

Tracy - Thanks for the tip! Thank goodness for wikipedia!

France - LOL. You already know your vehicle knowledge base totally amazes me.

Juj - Dead on! :)

Bruce - Ah, I shoulda known you were an officianado! Thanks baby bro!

Kate - Yup, it's a beauty! :)

Serena said...

Wonderful drawing! Love the colour!