Thursday, October 9, 2008

Garlic, anyone?

While sitting at the kitchen table with Kate on my last night in Illinois, we began drawing potatoes and garlic that we had saved just for the occasion. It was fun but also bittersweet, knowing I had to leave bright and early the next day. I finished up the drawing on the plane back to Hawaii and you can see what Kate finished later, here. This special time was such a nice way to cap a very, very special trip.


Kate said...

Looks great Joan! You are making me want to draw in my Moleskine again! I have to fight the urge so I can meet my deadlines.....aaarrggg! Anyway, your art inspires me all the time.

Love the new profile pic. : )

Joan Y said...

Thanks Kate, your art inspires me as well. Thanks again, for everything! Now, I will go back to drawing boring Hawaii things. *grin*

Fannie said...

Aloha, Joan! I came to your blog by way of Kate's. Nice that you were able to leave the island for a vacation in Chicago--one of my favorite places to visit. Looks like you and Kate had fun.

I live in Texas, but was born and raised on the Big Island. Nice to meet you.

Great illustrations!

How's the vog?

Anonymous said...

Can I take one just for the dish I'm cooking?