Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kate and me in Chicago

I am back home after a wonderful two weeks in Illinois where I stayed with my blogging friend, Kate Rietz, and spent the time exploring her incredible city of Chicago and drawing together. It is something we've wanted to do for a long time and we finally got our chance! Kate is as wonderful as I knew she would be and we shared many, many laughs together. It was so difficult to leave!

Kate and I have been posting our drawings from the past two weeks on our blogs so check them out! We also have a joint blog, Potluck Sunday, that we started back in Nov 2007 so there are postings there from time to time. Some are related to art, some not, but always a bit of ourselves.

P.S. Kate is selling her prints now so check out her professional website for more info.


Kate said...

Thanks Jo! It was such a fun visit. I am still laughing. I miss you a lot. Come back any time.

xxoo 'Katibug'

Joan Y said...

LOL. I am still laughing too. As I look at my drawings from the trip, I am reminded of lots of laughing and red maple leaves and buzzing mosquitoes. :) Miss you.

Sherry said...

Kate looks like she's wearing a little tiara, don't you think?