Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crazy tyrant

I loved the marble sculptures in the new Greek and Roman wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY! There were artists there scattered in various rooms, drawing from the original ... wish I had the time to join them. I imagine that to be pure joy ... sitting for hours in the Met copying the masters and taking in all of that beauty.

I did this quick sketch of Caligula from a photo I took, before heading to bed last night. Of course, Caligula, as the 3rd Roman emperor, was known as quite the tyrant and probably a bit off his rocker ... but the carving was gorgeous and worthy of a sketch. I did the guy a favor tho' and reduced the height of his forehead, which I thought gave him a freaky look. Now, he just looks like the guy next door. Heh!


mrana said...

Very cool Joan, well done!

Joan Y said...

Thanks M! :)