Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Misc. sketches

These are a couple of sketches I did today. The car is my baby ... well, this drawing is pretty wonky and it's actually a foot longer on the front end (I should have used pencil guides. Heh). It really is cooler than what I've drawn here. I mean, come on, how can it not be cool!?! ... a scoop AND two, yes I said TWO spoilers! ... well, yeah, ok, it's a station wagon. Say no more.

If you want to see cars done right, check this out! France B. rocks!

The guy reflects exactly how I felt today ... Like he needs to chill out big time.


mrana said...

Even without its extra foot your baby looks ultra-cool, what a wonderful sketch! And the guy looks scary (great drawing tho!) so I hope you're chillin out big time ... :D

Joan Y said...

Thanks Mariana! LOL. I was going to redraw my car ... and realized ... that's never gonna happen! I shoulda named the other one "scary guy"! He's quite creepy if you look at him too long. I drew him as a study of emotions.

Serena said...

Super set of wheels, Joan!!

I wouldn't like to be in that guy's line of fire....he doesn't look too happy, that's for sure.

Great sketches!