Friday, August 10, 2007

Skymall Lions

You too can own a wonderful pair of stone lions for the unbelievable price of $350 or thereabouts through Delta's skymall catalog! They are actually more lifelike than the closeup shown here so don't base your decision to have these incredible replicas front your estate entrance on my drawings. I did mention that I had trouble drawing cats, didn't I? :)


Kathleen Rietz said...

I am not a good "cat draw-er" either, but your lions look great to me!

Ummm....these stone lions would look very bizarre on either side on my townhome. Plus the condo association would fine me big time. I think I'll pass.

Paulina Sato said...

Hi Joanie,
I'm finally visiting your art blog and I'm hooked! It's late and I SHOULD be sleeping, but it's so fun to see your drawings and paintings, all so different and all so wonderful. I love reading your writings, too. I'm in total awe of your talent and am inspired to start drawing again . . . someday. My creative brain has been smothered with too many "to dos". You're awesome! Have a fun weekend drawing.

Tracy said...

well you say you can't draw them but these look wonderful to me! i really enjoy looking at this style - you always seem to pick the right subject for it too :-)

Joan Y said...

Kathleen ... I know these lions would look great! I dare ya! haha.

Pauliana moliana!!! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit. Welcome to my other life! I hope you'll consider drawing again, sooner rather than later because I know how talented you are. It really is cathartic and relaxing! :)

Tracy - thanks! I do love my micron pens. I think I'll pick up another color today :)

mrana said...

hmmm, I think you should reconsider your doubts where cat drawing is concerned -- these look great! And these pens of yours are so cool, what wonderful colour.

Joan Y said...

Thanks Mariana! I still think that lion at the bottom looks creepy. :)