Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Quiet but sweet

I have a very quiet but sweet addition to the family. I've "sort of" adopted T-tang, a dwarf rabbit from two great friends, Gina and Tash and their boys. I say sorta because I'm basically T-tangs guardian when Gina and Tash aren't around. I guess you could say we have a dual family arrangement.


Tasha said...

Hiya Joan,
It's like you snapped a picture of her, but dyed her pink :) Awesome job. That color looks good on her. Maybe we could dye her pink for easter... ;)
I will cherish this drawing forever.
Luv, T

suzanne said...

Great job Joan! I love the choice you made to use pink. It takes the pet portrait to a whole new exciting level. And you lines...just wonderful!

By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog. You are definitely on the list of amazingly talented people whose work I feel very fortunate to have come into contact with!

Joan Y said...

Hey Tash! I'll leave the drawing on the kitchen table. I had fun drawing our baby T. I think I misspelled her name tho'. LOL.

Hiya Suzanne. Cool. (Heh, I'm a little star struck LOL). Thanks for the VERY kind words.

Tracy said...

cute bunny! and to think its real - oh the cuteness :-)
wonderful drawing - i really like the background you have her situated in as well as how you drew her. love the lines :-)
i was in a store the other day eyeing a multi-pen pack. Microns in a variety of colors and i thought hmmmm maybe. now i'm sold - love the color!

mrana said...

What a gorgeous drawing Joan, such great detail ... and the colour is amazing. Micron again?

Kathleen said...

Such a cute drawing, Joan, really wonderful!!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Fantastic Jo. Again the colour ink works brilliantly. And again just a great drawing.

Chelsie said...

soooo cute!!!!!!!!!