Wednesday, July 11, 2007

EDM #16 - Favorite tool (5th Fact)

Fact #5: I returned to school (as a "non-traditional" student) and obtained a nursing degree two years ago ... and I DID take that communications class! (blogged below)

Although I'm not presently an RN, I hope to be one in the future. Can't think of a more noble profession. For now, I'm happily being a botanist helping plants. I guess they're both caring professions.

This stethoscope was my favorite "tool" in nursing school. As a nursing student, we're never caught without it!


drb said...

I saw this image this morning on Danny Gregory's EDM website! How peculiar.

On the right hand side of the page, there's a box that says "Above: Recent images from our Flickr Site".

Your stethascope(sp?) was in it.

Joan Yoshioka said...

Hey D, I post my drawings on the EDM and Botanical Arts Flickr sites. It's a great place to view artwork from other creative people.

Tracy said...

oh this is nice j. i really like the penwork.
and how wonderful to have a nursing degree. (you are full of surprises) and funny you ended up taking that communications class after all.

mrana said...

Lovely piece! Yes they're both obviously caring professions and good luck with getting to be an RN, keep us posted!

Joan Yoshioka said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks! I took that communications class with 20 year olds! I had a blast!

Hey M, I still have to take my board exam! I will someday. I tell folks I'm the best person to take hiking. If they fall and break an arm, I can patch them up and hike them out! LOL.