Saturday, July 7, 2007

Handsome dude

I've been busy with life things this week and haven't had the chance to draw much. While rifling through my old drawings this morning, I came across this one that I thought I'd like to share. It was done way back in 1986!

I was young ... I remember this fellow from a magazine. I thought he was sooo handsome that I had to capture him. I guess in the years that has since passed, I forgot how wonderful it is to commit things around me to paper. You see, I was a closeted artist. Drawing was my passion and I was the only one that knew it; I don't think I ever showed anyone my artwork. Back then, art was considered trivial (I suspect there are a lot of people out there that can relate). Well, I eventually set it aside for college, life, career, and adult responsibilities and didn't pick it up again until much later.

Now, looking back, I'm glad art found me again and that I can now admit to the world that I really like to draw. It's very liberating!

And, I'm really glad I took that moment years ago to commit to paper this handsome fellow ... if only to come across it two decades later and relive the moment again.


Devil's Son said...

hi there....
nice design

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Tracy said...

wow. wonderful.
he is a handsome dude.
and i understand about the hiding the art away. in my case i did study art then sort of put it away. It was too hard for me to show it (and consequently not something i could make my living from). I am so glad you decided to show everyone the artist that you are.

Joan Yoshioka said...

Thanks Son and Tracy!
Tracy - Fortunately, we both found our way ... and here we are! Woohoo!


Looks like oh whatever is he called from and Officer and a Gentleman? grest sketches, I have been flicking down the page and looking.

mrana said...

Two decades ago and your talent still shines through! I'm SO glad you finally "came out of the closet" :)

And I've tagged you I'm afraid and apologise in advance! Check it out at my blog :)

Joan Yoshioka said...

Un peu loufoque - Thanks. I've been told he looks like a young Richard Gere. Hey, have you ever checked out Sarah Wimperis' art? She lives in Brittany. You absolutely must check out "The Red Shoes" link on my blog! :)

Hey Mariana - I'm glad too! Tagged? LOL You're too funny. Ok, for you, I'll play along. LOL.