Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of my favorite illustrators

Hey folks, you have to check out Kathleen Rietz's drawing for Illustration Friday's theme: Discovery (here). It's a post I can totally relate to. And, if you know me, I think you'd agree that the little girl looks like a young me ... and a budding biologist no less! LOL. Since I don't have anything to post, thought I'd share this link and send you over for a peek. :) Have a great Wednesday everyone! I'm spending tomorrow planting Mauna Loa silverswords at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I'll take a few pics to share. Night all!


Kathleen Rietz said...

Oooooohhhh!!! Joan, this is so nice of you! Thanks for the publicity! I was just checking to see if you posted anything new last night. Your posts have inspired me. If you want to tag me, I have come up with some facts I could post about myself...I have so enjoyed reading about you! I would hope to maybe even illustrate my facts like you have done! So glad I found your blog. You have really inspired me. : )

cata said...

Oh! What a sweet picture of you!
I like your blog!

mrana said...

You're right about the resemblance Joan! Kathleen's illustration is so adorable and so similar to your brownie pic, which is so cool.

Serena said...

You were a very cute Brownie Guide, Joan. I'm off to check out Kathleen's post now ~

Joan Yoshioka said...

Thanks Kathleen! You will be the first to be tagged. Just one more fact to go!

Hey Cata, thanks for stopping by.

Hi Mariana, I was a pretty curious child (and still am, I guess) so I really related to Kathleen's drawing.

Hiya Serena, thanks! :)